Welcome to GCC Men’s Fellowship – a monthly forum for teaching and training.

We seek to provide an environment where men of all ages, from all backgrounds, cultures and stages can unite and discover their God-given gifts and talents, as well as gain essential tools to enhance their spiritual journey. Our fellowship is designed to address the specific needs, issues and struggles of all men from a Biblical perspective.

Our intention is to be more than just a Men’s Club. If the Church is to be an influence and make a difference in the world, then it must be an influence and make a difference in men. A great percentage of social breakdown is due to men not facing up to their responsibilities as husbands, fathers and leaders.

We aim to to equip and encourage men to build strong marriages and increase their confidence in taking on family and community responsibilities. Our desire is that each man who attends GCC Men’s Fellowship will walk away with a robust confidence to fulfil his destiny, and a determination to strengthen his faith and develop a deeper walk with God.